Bespoke training plans

The best training plan is one that is extactly tailored to your needs and abilities. At Running with Wolves, we will first talk to you about your goals, your life, your running history. We will then produce the perfect bespoke plan for you. Each month we will review your progress together. The difference between the type of generic plans you may have followed in the past, and our bespoke plan, is the difference between running in shoes in the wrong size and running in a pair of custom built, elite racing flats. To discover what that difference would mean for you, book here


Physiology Testing

At our West Midlands testing centre, we can provide a full physiological assessment to suit your requirements. VO2 Max/Lactate Threshold testing is accompanied by Informed feedback and training advice, given in a thorough, post-test, consultation. Lab-based Gait Analysis will provide video and measurement analysis of your current gait, and the accompanying movement screening will identify your present weaknesses. These can then be addressed in a follow-up S&C plan to improve your running economy and reduce your risk of injury.

Prices and booking


We can also offer you the option of ongoing, one-to-one coaching. Building a quality relationship with you, as an athlete, is central to our philosophy. Whether coaching online or in person,we know that it is vital to understand not only the goals of an athlete, but also the stresses that need to be managed when pursuing them. We provide a number of different packages for individual coaching, some also include S&C programmes and periodic physiological testing. To discuss available options and prices, contact us for an initial chat with Dan Robinson.


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